Town Avoids Paying Massive $5 Million Ransom In Cyberattack

When the city of New Bedford, Mass., was hit by a ransomware attack in July, with hackers demanding $5.3 million in bitcoin to release the city's data, town officials tried an old law enforcement tactic to deal with hostage-takers: open dialogue and stall for time.New...

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How Cloud Computing Is Changing Management

Theories and practices of management often spring from the opportunities created by new technologies. Interchangeable parts spurred ideas about structuring assembly lines and logistics. The complex calculations of the field known as Operations Research were enabled by...

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Fake PayPal Site Spreads Nemty Ransomware

A web page pretending to offer an official application from PayPal is currently spreading a new variant of Nemty ransomware to unsuspecting users.It appears that the operators of this file-encrypting malware are trying various distribution channels as it was recently...

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What is the expanding role of IT within the business?

IT is now central to businesses in terms of revenue, growth and strategic direction, and the development of 'big software' is providing businesses with a larger infrastructure to keep up with growing demands The digital transformation wave is causing widespread change...

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