When a cyber attack happens,we keep your shop running! Don’t Wait. Get Secure Today. It’s not a matter of if your Body Shop will be attacked, it’s when!How much data are you willing to lose?How much downtime can your Body Shop afford? micro tech resources provides...

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Microsoft really wants you to stop using internet explorer

Still using Internet Explorer for all your network browser needs? You may want to change your default browser as there are newer more secure browsers to use instead. Still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your default browser? Change is good, and in this case,...

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Email Provider’s Servers Wiped in ‘Catastrophic’ Hack

Do you use VFEmail as your free primary email service? You might be offline for some time with the news of the hack that took the service down. Below is Michael Kan's Article which goes more into greater detail on this. An email provider called VFEmail has suffered a...

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Over 485,000 Ubiquiti devices vulnerable to new attack

Had a recent drop in internet service with any warning? Are you using a Ubiquiti Unify access point? One of the possibility could be a DDoS attack (Known as a Distributed Denial of Service). Below is an article from ZDNet's Catalin Cimpanu to further explain in great...

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Winter Is Wreaking Havoc On Electric Vehicles

Wondering why your Model 3, Bolt, Leaf, or other electric vehicle seems to have less range than usual? Or in the case of the Model 3 having the door handles freeze shut. The issue has to do with the change in temperature affecting the batteries and the components in...

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