Samsung Launching 1TB SSD for $150 on Dec. 16

For a while now, opting for an SSD over a hard drive as your main system drive has been an obvious choice. SSDs are faster, completely silent, and use significantly less power. They do remain more expensive though, but prices are coming down. On Dec. 16, the value...

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Report: Microsoft to Replace Edge Web Browser

There used to be a time when Microsoft dominated the web browser market with Internet Explorer, but it's a very different picture today. Microsoft is failing to make an impact with the Edge web browser after years of trying, and the rumor is it's set to be replaced....

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Today’s Connected Cars Vulnerable to Hacking, Malware

The McAfee Advanced Threat Research team recently published an article about threats to automobiles on the French site Connected cars are growing rapidly in number and represent the next big step in personal transportation. Auto sales are expected to...

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Stay Cyber-Safe When Shopping Online

As the holiday season kicks off, shoppers everywhere are more and more frequently opting to use their credit cards from the comfort of their homes, taking advantage of online deals. Since the shopping days known as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are upon us, we...

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Cyber Security Tips

Cyber Security Tips Cyber security is increasingly becoming a challenge for all, from the home user to the home-based business all the way into large corporations.  A lot of money is spent every day in top of the line security, training and software. Here are some...

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Microsoft Word Gets Intelligent About To-Do Lists

Ever since OpenOffice and then LibreOffice appeared as free alternatives to Microsoft Office$6.99 at Microsoft, the need to pay for access to a decent office suite has diminished. Microsoft responded by continuing to improve the feature set of Office, and now it is...

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FCC to Carriers: Adopt Anti-Robocall System by 2019 or Else

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has a message for mobile carriers: help stop scam robocallsor face possible action from the commission. On Monday, Pai sent letters to 14 companies—including AT&T, Sprint and Verizon—that discussed their efforts to detect telephone call...

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