Report: Amazon to Roll Out UPS-Like Delivery Service

Amazon already knows a thing or two about getting packages from point A to point B in a timely fashion. Now, word has it the online retail giant is gearing up to expand its shipping efforts with a new service for businesses similar to UPS or FedEx. The Wall Street...

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Donate to Black Girls Code Via Lyft

The next time you catch a ride in a Lyft, you'll have the opportunity to support Black Girls Code.. Here's how it works: Go to Settings in the Lyft app, select "Round Up & Donate," then choose "Black Girls Code" as your cause. Then, the next time you take a Lyft...

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YouTube to Call Out Government-Funded News Videos

YouTube is making it a lot easier to tell if you're watching a government-funded news report. The Google-owned streaming site on Friday announced it will start labeling videos uploaded by news broadcasters that have received government or public funding. The...

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Will Your Flight Be Delayed? Ask Google’s AI

Nobody likes rushing to the airport only to find out their flight is delayed. Google wants to help prevent this from happening. The web giant has updated its Google Flights service with artificial intelligence-powered delay predictions. Google Flights already offers...

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Nintendo: Mario Kart Is Headed to Mobile Devices

Mario Kart is zooming into mobile. Nintendo of America is developing a new mobile game based on the beloved racing series. Dubbed Mario Kart Tour, the new mobile app is slated to arrive at some point "in the fiscal year ending in March 2019," the company announced on...

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Google Assistant Can Wake You Up With a Favorite Song

Have a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker? Your mornings could soon be a little more pleasant. Google on Thursday announced that Assistant can now set music alarms, a feature that arrived on Amazon's rival Alexa voice assistant in December. Just say "Hey Google,...

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Amazon Patents Wristband That Can Track Warehouse Workers

Amazon has a new way to keep tabs on warehouse workers. As GeekWire reports, the online retailer was awarded a pair of patents for a wristband-based monitoring system that can track warehouse workers' hand movements. The wristband would use ultrasonic sound pulses or...

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Spotify Now Works With Gaming App Discord

Heads up, Discord users: The gaming app now plays nice with Spotify. Connect your Spotify account to Discord, and share your favorite jams with all your gamer friends. After you connect your account, friends will be able to see what you're listening to and play those...

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